Tuesday, November 13, 2012

feminazi: because wanting your gender to be treated like a human being, is just like invading poland


here is what my blog would say if it were just a facebook post.

i feel that my only inhibition, to being uninhibited, is that i'm not pretty enough.

now for the regularly scheduled angry feminist blog.

its no secret that the world/media/society has a set of standards for all people, but more so for women that define beauty, narrowing its parameters so that it is next to unattainable.

(if you have any arguments about the "more so for women" caveat then i invite you to look at any tv sitcom and count the number of overweight men with attractive wives, verses the amount of overweight women with attractive husbands.)

the worst part about it i'm realizing is that besides the "you must look a certain way to be considered attractive and be taken seriously"  message that is being sent out is the additional "you can only do the things you want to do in life if you look the way we say you should."

i was watching a CW show the other day that featured three female lawyers.  not a single one of them was actually dressed professionally as would be expected in a work place. (and these women supposedly worked for the DA)  instead they were all wearing flowy scarves and blouses that looked more like a fashion magazine.  in addition to this, all of them were about 5'9" with a slim body build, probably about 110 pounds each. they were habeus corpus barbies.

i've heard many men say that they don't like it when women spend so much time on their appearance, and that they want girls to just "be themselves."

but i truly believe that they do not even realize what that would look like.  they imagine the same clean and made up girls, but in sweatpants.

i was once with a group of my guy friends, and we met a girl who didn't shave her legs.  its okay if those guys didn't find that attractive.  we all have tastes and preferences.  but they continued to make fun of her in conversations for nearly a year afterward, only ceasing when another girlfriend and i yelled at them for it.  but they didn't stop because they realized how offensive it was, they stopped because we yelled at them.

whenever i see a woman express herself completely, i try to imagine myself in her place, and realize that the main thing stopping me is that i don't fit that magazine pretty.  because when i was made fun of in school, it was often for doing normal things that every other girl did.  the only reason why i was made fun of for it and not other girls was because i wasn't as pretty as those other girls.

this isn't a cry for attention, i don't desire to hear assuring remarks about my appearance.  i just want women to be respected enough that they are allowed to be who they are and look how they look whether or not who they are and how they look fit together according to the rest of the world standards.

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  1. I disagree that you weren't as pretty as those other girls. Possibly you weren't as rich or fashionable. But I do not believe you were less pretty.