Friday, September 28, 2012

actions speak louder

i got into a discussion last week over whether or not God knew that adam and eve would eat the fruit.

this question is a big deal.  either he knew it would happen which means free will is an illusion.  God creating them knowing they would do what they did means that he created them to fall.  but if he didn't know then his all knowingness comes into question.

and i've come to a conclusion.  i don't think it has anything at all to do with what God can do, but what he does do.

God does create us all.  God does give us free will so that we make our own choices.

God can control us if he wants. God can do anything he likes, including knowing our decisions.

But I don't think God does.  Just because he doesn't does not mean he isn't all knowing.  But by knowing he is creating those who do not choose him to be damned.  And that isn't real free will.  Nor is it real free will if he only created those who would choose him.  He creates indiscriminatnly.  So it makes perfect sense to me that while he could know who will choose ultimately and who would not, there has to be a point where it is our decision and not his. 

It has nothing to do with who he can or can not do. and everything to do with who he does or does not do.

God is good.  He creates man to be good.  Whether we stay that way is completely our decision. 

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