Friday, July 29, 2011

i wrote this when i couldn't sleep.

we thought we knew what fun was, and thought we knew love up and down.
i waited till i saw the sun rise this morning- to think about what i had done.
i put it off in my mind, procrastinated, and took my time.

i didn't think till i saw the sun.

when the sun rose it blew my mind.
i'd never looked at my actions in the light.
it seemed so harmless at night.
and looking back at my life
how every morning i'd wake to closed blinds
and say "today i live for me"

but for a while- i was right.

for a while i knew how it felt to be alive
and it wasn't how we had thought it was.
but how can i exist in pure daylight
and ever go back to not thinking?

because i never thought about what i had done
until that morning when i saw the sun.

i thought i knew passion
but now i know passion
i thought i knew joy
but now i know joy
i thought peace was a myth
but i see it all now.
Both peace and passion, joy in sadness.
and how to live for others' sake
because now i am awake.

we thought we knew what fun was
and thought we knew love up and down
and i waited to think on all i had done
until that moment when i saw the sun
and realized it rose for me.

overcome by light
i'll extinguish those moments of night
and bathe in forgiveness
and be set free.

i now know passion and joy and peace
i've seen the son rise
and now know release

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