Monday, March 1, 2010


This crazy kiss!
Unthinkable dream!
This life in its entirety makes me scream!
For nothing in Heaven or Earth could ever abound
Or Surpass the splendour of what I have found!

Like the secret of a farmer inside his bought field
Or a succession of servants with succession of yield
Or the yeast that turns the dough into bread
Or seed scattered among thorns just yearning to be fed

But no! Not I, could be nearly so strong,
As to traipse about the Kingdom as if I belong!
Or to reach out a hand to those saplings in the ground
Or bell of such brassy and clear resound
Just leave me to observe till the trumpet sound....

But wait! I say that I can not, nor should
I presume to be noble enough for the good.
But I insist oh my Treasure, oh my most precious of finds
I dearly wish to be so if that wish be thine
So as Your hand spreads seed to scatter
While most might just stand by and contemplate how it matters
I shall pull back my hair and roll up my sleeves
And sift through the mulch and the roots and the leaves
Coaxing from the arth just one little stalk
So that I might move from milk to fruit
From a crawl to a walk

For this thing that i've found causes my voice to ring
My feet to dance
My life to sing
And so is Your effect upon EVERYTHING

For I was a pearly seed
Lost to its lustre
But you renamed my bloom
From mistake to mustard

And as my heart exclaims with joy
The One who has filled this void
And whose words and actions And love I'll employ....

This is the purest love of all time
And through thick and thin I know that its mine.

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