Saturday, November 14, 2009

population: two-face

at some point in elementary school we were normal. you liked playing dodgeball and i liked pizza day in the cafeteria.

yet somewhere in the middle of everything, of adolescance and summer camp, and the internet, here we are sitting in this smokey room wearing our peasant shirts trying to recreate that "feel" that "vibe", playing exotic instruments and drinking brands of coffee our tongues studder to pronounce.

we laugh at the other girls trying to recreate the same thing we are with smokey eye shadow, and the boys with black coffee.

i forgot how uncool sugar was.

its happened to many of us across the globe, each one standing and defying "their convention" by standing for something, yet none of us standing for the same thing, and those that do, not standing together.

really it stopped being about the cause (if it ever was) and more about the concept.
we want our parents to be wrong so much...

its the concept we're passionate about. remember that "idea", that "essence" we tried so hard to grasp at the coffee shop downtown?

meanwhile the boots are getting more expensive
and the caffiene headaches more common

and now you've met this girl who sits next to you in your philosophy class.....

her hair is dyed too much or not enough
its in the middle of those naturalistic and expressionism extremes you cherish.
you can tell when she smiles her parents paid for the dental work....

and she can enjoy a chick flick just like your avante garde independent films from yesterday
and she listens to electric guitars on the radio as religiously as you churn out those acoustic sets
and she wears nail polish and clothes from the gap
and eats meat
and is only taking this class for the credits (but she likes it anyway)
and doesn't define herself by her "aesthetic"
and by golly she's probably the most GENUINE person you think you've ever met.....

so far everything has been a black and white portrait in your head and for some reason her color photo face won't fit in your album.

whats wrong with you? suspenders too tight?

you would, but you won't, you could, but you can't, you should, but you shall not.........

congratulations, you've now proven that true love and marital bliss can't happen.
not because it doesn't happen
or because it doesn't exist
but you won't let go of that "concept" you've been in love with so long.

welcome to thriftstore superiority.

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