Monday, May 18, 2009

moving up

In the beginning there was xanga.

Or at least that was the beginning for me.

Xanga was how I dipped my toe into the social networking pool. It was my first blog, and believe it or not it still exists. I write in it once every six months or so anymore, and have a singular reader whose xanga I in turn read when she updates. However for the first few years I possossed it, it was writ in faithfully. Then myspace happened.

I didn't blog in myspace right away, but gradually it became a regular update. I still blog in it in fact, and don't think i'm liable to stop. I get quite a few reads per post, anywhere from 14 to 56. I see no reason to change that.

However I see blogging as one of the last forms of free speech. Plain words can be made into a federal case if "political correctness" is called into question, and while a piece of art expresses freely, only few will lay their eyes upon it. The press used to be a great method of getting word out to the masses, but now has turned into a machine of propaganda. The media only publishes what they want us to know, whay they want us to get riled about, and what they think will sell. Meanwhile what we want to say gets pushed aside, and important things we could be knowing are left unreported. It's no wonder the rest of the world thinks Americans to be ignorant. Blogging is a method of self-expression uninhibited and available for all to see.

Even though I already have a blog, this is my opportunity to state what I think and be heard by others outside of my circle of friends. The first step to peace is listening to one another.

So welcome to the ugly duckling diary.

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