Wednesday, September 23, 2009

peace and social justice rant

here are the words i'm tired of hearing

human condition
human nature
american dream

yaddah. yaddah. yaddah.

these are words that intellectual groups who favor topics of humanitarianism like to toss around, when in the end all discussion is non-conclusive.

so i guess i'm tired of no conclusions.

i can not tell you how much i've had this conversation.

that human kind could live in harmony but we don't. because we do produce enough food to end world hunger, but we keep it for ourselves. that there are enough resources to support everyone on this planet, but we don't because we're selfish and want everything for ourselves. (especially since we're american, as if some parts of europe aren't just as bad) that its the human condition to want everything we can get, that materialsim is standing in our way because of the american dream, and the fifties philosophy of keeping up with the joneses.
that we could make things better, but we don't.
so then it becomes applaudable to live like gandhi, in chosen poverty, and self sufficiency.
things like driving suvs and buying new computers become a sin.

so in the name of world harmony and such, we ought to ride our bikes, and be content with library books, and buy our vegetables from local farmers, and take in excess stuff we don't need.

but heres the thing, i agree! if there is a lifestyle change that you can make that in your mind would make the world a better place by all means do it! if you're concerned about the environment, recycle and use public transportation. if you're concerned about world hunger don't buy as much food and donate the extra cash to organizations that can help that issue. if you hate killing animals for their skins wear only natural fibers. do it, by all means don't be afraid to make that change.

its not the changes im tired of, i find them refreshing.

its the same conversation over and over.

it always comes down to, we can't save the world, but we can pretend like we are.

i disagree, i think we can do a lot, i just think we're too happy to sit in our conversations talking about how the problem can't be helped, so then we feel like martyrs or something for living with these "sacrifices" (which by the way aren't really sacrifices, are really easy changes to make in ones life) but ho hum, because of the "human condition" its all futile.

i guess im tired of sitting around and not doing anything tangible. i want to help people in a way i can see, not in a way that defines me in some circles as a person who tries. because then social justice is just another fashion trend.

look at me, i wear hemp, im popular.


i don't actually wear hemp, and no offense to people who do, im using it to make a point.

im changing my major to "get off your ass and do something about it"

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